Tiktok has taken the social media world by storm, with over 800 million active users worldwide. The short-form video app, a phenomenon among teenagers, has managed to charm even older generations. From viral dance challenges to lip-syncing, tiktok has become an exciting platform for users to create and engage with content. With its growing popularity, it’s natural to wonder who the main users of tiktok are. In this blog post, we will explore the demographics, geography, occupations and gender among tiktok users.

Age Demographics Among Tiktok Users

Tiktok has become increasingly popular among teenagers, with a majority of the user base being between aged 16-24. This demographic makes up 41% of users in the uk, 30% of users in the usa and 40% of users globally. The app helps them express themselves creatively and explore their interests while also staying entertained. However, tiktok is also being used by older age groups, with 27% in the 25-34 age range in the uk and 26% in the usa. The app’s popularity among older users is also on the rise, as it opens up endless possibilities for creative expression.

The app’s popularity among the younger crowd has increased due to the content they can consume. They get access to short-form videos with dances, popular music and funny skits. Tiktok’s effortless scrolling feature also allows users to view an endless array of content. As of september 2021, the most-followed tiktok account is that of charli d’amelio, a 17-year-old, with over 120 million followers. She regularly posts short dance videos with her friends, which has endeared her to the younger audience.

Gender Breakdown Of Tiktok Users

Tiktok has a relatively even gender divide, with male, female and non-binary genders all creating and consuming the content. Female users are slightly more likely to use the app than men, composing 61. 4% of the user base globally. In the uk, however, male users outweigh female (54. 5%). However, with its diverse user base and fresh style, the app appeals to everyone, regardless of gender, race or religion.

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Many young women have created alternate communities on tiktok, which have grown incredibly popular. Body positivity and self-love are topics that female users are driving on the platform. They have created communities such as #girlpower and #girlboss that allow them to support one another. They use tiktok as a means to spread positivity and self-affirmation to other female users.

Geographical Distribution Of Tiktok Users

Tiktok has amassed its largest user base in asia, with china being the app’s place of origin. In china, tiktok, (locally known as douyin) has over 400 million daily active users and is used by more than 70% of chinese internet users. Tiktok’s popularity in south asia is also increasing gradually, with india, pakistan and bangladesh being tiktok’s most significant consumer territories. They account for about 18% of the app’s entire user base.

Other regions with significant numbers of users include europe and north america, with the uk and the usa having the second and third-largest user bases, respectively.

Occupation Of Tiktok Users

As tiktok’s popularity grows, so does the opportunity for businesses and creators to showcase their personalities and build brand relationships. Users on the platform come from diverse occupational backgrounds with students, creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs all taking advantage of the app’s potential.

Tiktok provides an avenue for users to showcase their talents and skills, and many businesses use this creativity to their advantage. For example, fashion businesses like prettylittlething collaborate with tiktok influencers for video campaigns or use the app to document social events. Fitness brands also popularly use tiktok to share videos of exercise tips and routines.

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How Celebrities And Influencers Use Tiktok

Celebrities and influencers have embraced tiktok for their publicity campaigns. The app provides them with a free opportunity to connect with their fans and grow their followership. Within just a few seconds, they can generate a massive reaction from fans by creating silly dancing videos or sharing personal experiences.

Social media influencers like addison rae and loren gray began on the app, and their success made them tiktok’s first celebrities. They have millions of followers and sponsor partnerships with businesses keen on garnering their audience’s attention. Celebrities such as will smith and jennifer lopez have also joined the tiktok craze and have viable accounts with millions of followers.

The Impact Of Tiktok On Social Media Marketing

Marketing strategies have experienced the immense impact of tiktok as users have turned towards the short-form video-sharing app. Tiktok provides an excellent platform for businesses to get creative with their advertising and show their personality. Brands targeting the gen z demographic have made the app a crucial part of their social media marketing campaigns.

Tiktok’s algorithm offers businesses increased visibility by providing them with priority positions on the “for you” page. This algorithm offers non-celebrity accounts increased chances to grow and reach a massive audience. A positive aspect of using tiktok for marketing is that businesses do not require a specific budget as the algorithm does not have to depend on advertising. It considers the video’s quality, the comments, and the reactions it attracts.

How Small Businesses Use Tiktok For Promotion

Small businesses have also adopted the use of tiktok as a tool for promoting their brand and products. The app has provided a level playing field, where small businesses can compete with larger brands. As the app’s user base continues to grow, more small businesses are joining the platform. It provides an environment where these small ventures can showcase their uniqueness and creativity, exposing them to a massive audience.

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Chooose, an eco-conscious business, made use of tiktok to advertise their business by creating a short video promoting their product. It attracted over 9 million views, and since then, the company has seen over 300% increase in online sales.

Privacy Concerns Among Tiktok Users

Despite its popularity, tiktok has raised concerns about data privacy. The app uses user data to power its algorithm, and there is the risk of this information being mishandled. In the us, the trump administration banned the app over this issue. According to the administration, using tiktok meant chinese companies collected personal information on us citizens. The ban, however, was later lifted after a scrutinised review by the american government.

Tiktok is continually growing its user base, and with it, there is a growing diversity. The app has become an essential tool for social media marketing, and one that opens up endless opportunities for creativity and personal expression. However, privacy concerns still linger, and users are urged to be cautious while using the app. Tiktok has the power to impact the social media industry significantly, and it is exciting to witness what comes next for the app.